What's That Sound?

Can you play the audio and guess what animal is making that sound? Good luck!

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That's a baby alligator! Isn't it cute??

If you see or hear baby alligators on the refuge, be careful and don't approach! It's almost certain that the mother is around and will aggressively protect her young.

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That's a male alligator bellowing!

Male alligators bellow in the spring to attract females. Hearing this on the refuge is unforgettable!

Can you guess what is making the sound below?

Which of the three birds below sings this beautiful song?

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It's the painted bunting!

This colorful birds also has a very nice singing voice, doesn't it?

True or False?

The sound below is made by the green treefrog, seen in the picture above.

Birds Birds Birds!

The audio below was recorded at the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge!

How many different bird songs can you hear?


There are at least five bird species heard in this clip!

According to the Merlin App, you can hear red-bellied woodpeckers, Carolina wrens, worm-eating warblers, hairy woodpeckers, and northern cardinals!