Refuge Q&A

Q: When is the Refuge open?


Sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week!

Closed during hunts - click here for information

Q: Is there a fee to get into Harris Neck NWR?


There is no entrance fee for you to enjoy your time at Harris Neck NWR, or any of the refuges in the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex!

Q: Can I drive my vehicle through Harris Neck NWR?


Yes, visitors can drive registered vehicles on Wildlife Drive, the 4-mile paved road that goes through the refuge. Trails that branch off of Wildlife Drive are only open to walking and biking.

Watch out for armadillos crossing the road! They have poor sight and hearing, and rely mostly on smell to survive!

Q: Where do I park?


Visitors can park at the entrance to the refuge by the fishing pier, the small lot by the Visitor Contact Station, or on the side of the road throughout Wildlife Drive.

Typically visitors park near the entrances to Bluebill Pond, Woody Pond, or the Airfield Loop. for the best hiking/biking experiences.

Q: Is the Visitor Contact Station open?


Due to there no longer being any staff stationed at Harris Neck NWR, the Visitor Contact Station is closed. However, you can pick up a brochure from outside the Visitor Contact Station or at the entrance kiosk!

Q: What is there to do at Harris Neck NWR?


Visitors can enjoy hiking, bicycling, wildlife observation, photography, fishing, hunting, and more!

Q: What are some prohibited activities on the refuge?


While there are a lot of great outdoors activities to do at Harris Neck NWR, we have to make sure both our visitors and wildlife stay safe.

  • No overnight use or camping is permitted
  • No feeding, capturing, or harassment of wildlife
  • No freshwater fishing
  • No taking pickings or cuttings of vegetation

Q: Can I bring my dog with me?


Pets are not permitted on the refuge unless confined in a vehicle.

Q: Are there restrooms and water fountains?


There is a portable toilet near the entrance to the refuge by the fishing pier, and another one by Barbour River Landing.

There is not a place to fill water bottles currently, so bring plenty of water when you visit!

Quiz question: can I feed the alligators?