Planning a Trip to Pinckney

Explore over 14 miles of hiking and bicycling trails on Pinckney Island.

The main trail that runs through the refuge is gravel. All other trails are wide grass paths.

  • There is no vehicle access into the refuge, other than to the parking area. After parking, visitors must walk or bicycle only.

No off-road or off-trail biking is permitted.

Help keep our refuge the way you found it by minimizing site alterations like creating new paths. Make sure to stay on designated trails at all times and follow rules on any refuge signs.

Be Prepared

Bring your Water Bottle: Drinking water and restrooms are not available on the refuge.

Bring a Hat and Sunscreen: There are no shelters for visitor protection from the sun or inclement weather.

Have Bug Spray: The summer months can bring biting insects, like mosquitos, gnats, and flies. Keep them away by bringing bug spray.

Tell a friend: or relative where you are going and when to expect your return to make sure you stay safe and have fun on the refuge.