Fishing and Hunting


I thought this was a wildlife refuge!

The primary objective of a national wildlife refuge is to provide habitat for the conservation and protection of all species of wildlife. The harvest of surplus animals is one tool used to manage wildlife populations.

Carefully managed hunts...

  1. maintain wildlife populations at a level compatible with the environment,
  2. provide recreational opportunities, and
  3. permit the use of a valuable renewable resource.

Obtain your Annual Hunt Permit

All hunters, 16 years of age or older, are required to purchase the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex Annual Hunt Permit. This permit will allow hunters access to all "non-quota" general public hunts on the refuges in the complex.

Annual Hunt Permits are $25, non-transferable, and valid only for refuge hunts scheduled during the current hunt year on any refuge.

Where and when can I hunt?

Public hunting is permitted, in designated areas, on five of the seven Savannah Coastal Refuges: Blackbeard Island, Harris Neck, Pinckney Island, Savannah, and Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Hunters are required to review all refuge-specific hunting regulations prior to participating in any refuge hunt. 

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Historic Blackbeard Island Hunt

The Blackbeard Island bow hunt is the oldest annual managed archery hunt of any within the entire National Wildlife Refuge System.

The first hunt was held in 1947, when 15 hunters failed to remove a single deer. Generations of families flock to the island each year to participate in this historic, traditional hunt.

What about fishing?

Fishing access, rules and regulations are different depending on which Refuge you visit.

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True or False?

You can fish at any of the freshwater ponds at Harris Neck, Pinckney, and Savannah National Wildlife Refuges.

Boat landings and docks

Use the map below to see where the boat landings, docks, and fishing access points are located in the area.